Friday, September 30, 2011

1,000+ Strong, Occupy Boston at the Federal Reserve

Federal Reserve is being occupied by 1,000+ people that are fighting for their country. Only as all other Occupy Movements, fighting in peace, no violence.

Notes: Twitter Appears to be Curving "Occupy"

I've been following closely with the way Twitter is handling the hashtag (#) Occupy, OccupyWallSt and others. However I have not seen it trending, at all.

Typically something on Twitter may end up "trending," because of the it's being spoke about. Whether from across the world, or around a country it will end up there, because so many different people are talking about it. 

Also with Twitter having "" for a URL shortening method, they are also able to easily tell what is trending, and what should be trending. In a scenario, if their trending system is failing, they can tap into their URL statistics to cross-reference. These are just things I'd assume a platform like Twitter would do.

However for an event that has been taking place for roughly 2 weeks, there has been no sign of a trending topic for Occupy out of any region. Wall St., Chicago, LA, none of them. 

I'm assuming through media pressure, pay-offs, or something else Twitter fears the general presence of their investments going away if they so let Occupy free-flow in the Twitter-verse. This makes me cautious of what Twitter's true agenda is. Is it to feed into corporate pressure? Is it that they got a tax break and don't want things to change in other areas to compensate for their break? 

I'm very confused, because I thought Twitter was a free-flowing communications platform, but now that citizens have taken true affect of it to promote a cause to protest against the very corporation tactics Twitter uses, Twitter doesn't want to let it happen. 

Hopefully, there is some type of malfunction taking place within Twitter that is preventing Occupy from trending, or a clear explanation from someone within Twitter. 

It's very clear that Occupy is relatively large.

CNN & Yahoo

A company that's a "news organisation" of this size, should definitely be fully capable of capturing the trend of such an event, and send a live crew to Occupy Wall St., but they don't. Well maybe they do, but they are being quiet about it? waiting to capture something awful, then publicize it like it's going out of style?

Yahoo on the other hand ( is simply a portal. They aggregate content from all over the place, and even have some of their own writers, but yet I still have seen any hints at Occupy on their portal.

Occupy Wall Street Media gains $16,000 in Donations

On the website Kickstarter, famous for helping people "kick start" projects via financial contribution from people all around the world, Occupy Wall St. has gained just a little over $16,000 since writing this (6:35AM).

Totaling $16,138, 417 "backers" and comments encouraging and praising the movement.

Congressman Ron Paul and U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders Voices Support for Occupy Wall St.

You read the title correctly. Both Ron Paul, and Bernie Sanders voice their support to Occupy Wall St..

Ron Paul's message to Occupy Wall St. is "End The Fed." Demonstrated in one of his videos.

For U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, he was interviewed on MSNBC Countdown (Keith Olbermann).

[..] The middle class is collapsing, poverty is increasing [..] We need to rebuild the middle class in this country, and you guys can't have it all.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Video From OccupyTVNY

A semi-musical video with different views of the protest, and marches. Including Postal, and Pilot employee protests.

Finally ending with Dr. Cornel West's words, the Elite will shake in their boots.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Occupy Alabama

From Alabama.
or - Appears to be one of the strong suits, more may be found on Alabama at a later time, I am not sure.

(Thanks, robert3242)

Occupy London Stock Exchange: Organization

Hoping international for a few moments, all the way to United Kingdom.

From their Facebook page/Event, it appears they will be starting October 15th, 2011 with 212 people attending at the time of writing this.

Trader "Sort-of" says Why Occupy is Happening

From media mainstream curving, to not explaining why the Occupy movement is happening in the first place, this guy explains clearly why it's happening. Not directly, but this is one of the reasons Occupy is happening. Due to this sort of corruption.

Occupy Wall St.: March on Wall St.

As is, 12th day consists of Marching through the streets and gathering attention. I tuned in this morning at around 10:10AM and viewed the cheers.

Beside the people the officers walked, and everyone appears to be calm, aside the chanting .. "All day, all week, Occupy Wall Street"

I wasn't able to catch out the other things they were chanting due to wind and signal loss on the stream.

Before tuning-out I caught the other cheer: "How do we fix this deficit? End the war and tax the rich."

Occupy Wall St. With Postal Workers

In an interview with a Postal worker, a man (unknown) explains his reasoning for protesting.

First off, we're fighting for our lives. [...] We don't want any layoffs. We are hard working men and women. We believe that we should be treated fairly, and I don't believe we're being treated fairly. Congress needs to support American workers, and they're not doing that. 

Says a postal service employee.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Occupy Kansas City: Memorial Drive

"We will be occupying Memorial Drive in Kansas City outside the Federal Reserve Bank"

According to their Agenda calendar, OccupyKC will be occupying their local Federal Reserve on September 30, 2011, and October 9, 2011. 

Their homepage consisted of a picture stating "Get money out of government."

Following with a video from Keith Olbermann (Countdown).

(Thanks, robert3242)

Occupy Wall St.*: Dr. Cornel West "We Have Found Our Voice"

In a gathering of Occupy Wall St.*, which will be starting their first General Assembly October 1, 2011 at 11:30AM Dr. Cornel joins and speaks.

(Thanks, robert3242)

(updated, slight correction duh. This was apparently for New York, not Sacramento. Too many! ;))

Major Media Outlets Still Curve "Occupy"

I think it's safe to say that major media portals such as Yahoo, Aol, and CNN are curving Occupy Wall St., and other various Occupy protests.

I've went through these portals just a few minutes ago and seen no references to Occupy. None. Not on the front page, nor sub-sections (Politics, U.S. News, etc).

Other outlets, MSNBC, ABC News, and NBC New York have reported.

Anonymous Members Show their Support

Anonymous does say that its everywhere. So in the middle of all the Occupy Wall St. movement, they showed up with their masks on standing tall.

Credit: ProtestChaplains

However, even in the spirit of Occupy support, wearing masks is against an old "no masks during protests" law.

As-well as for a few other things you can view here.

Officer that Maced Without Cause Identified

As I said officer Bologna is the one responsible for the macing of the innocent protesters, he has now officially been identified.

Read more here:

Occupy LA: Assemblies

(as I'm watching the stream (loop)

Today, at the time I'm writing this 5:03PM, OWS LA is organising social media tactics to move forward, through the web community. Which would include getting not only "online" attention, but also "offline" attention.

They believe, and have stated that some of the social network(ing) outlets are pushing down the Occupy movement to isolate it.

They're also working on strategic plans on how to conduct themselves in public, how to voice opinions, respectful to your neighbors, and that if this is followed you can say whatever you want.

Occupy LA from viewing the stream and lurking in the channel, I believe it started on September 17th, 2011. They plan to protest at City Hall on October 1st, 2011.

OWS LA's current website is currently in the voting process of domains, but can reached at - Their live stream can be found here:

Occupy Chicago: The Federal Reserve

In one of the few Occupy sites, one is also taking place in Chicago. They've been occupying the the Federal Reserve (as far as I can see).

According to their site, the "Fed" was trying to get the Occupy Chicago protesters off the sidewalk, but was not successful due zoning: The sidewalk is public property.

As far as I can tell, there is no live stream available.

Lawerence O'Donnell (MSNBC Last Word) on Occupy Wall St.

It's been an awaking moment for me, especially because I didn't realise just how big this protest was going to be. It turned out to get a lot of underground attention, except not much mainstream attention, until recently.

In this video Lawerence O'Donnell spoke in what I believe to be quite accurate.

This is very true. Just in my state (West Virginia) a man has put a lawsuit against 2 police officers in Martinsburg. I rarely hear about such though, or maybe I'm missing it?

Here is where I'll cover the Occupy Movement

Hey there,

I'll be covering the Occupy event from here, in my own manner, at my own pace, and hopefully with lots and lots of pictures, and useful information.

Please, feel free to leave any comments regarding content with submissions, corrections, and anything else you may think of.

Occupy Wall St. Protest Continues

Photo credit: Jeff Prager

The protest, labeled "Occupy Wall St." has lead 1,000s on an agenda to call out the bankers, government, and other various corporations on corruption. Streaming live (via Global Revolution), a camera crew walks around capturing the event for the entire world to see. Videos, and pictures from multiple people have been spread throughout the web community displaying the movement, cheers, meetings, and police officers' actions against some of the protesters.

Arrests and Police Abuse

It's been reported that at least 80 people were arrested. One for reportedly taking photographs of the scene, and some for wearing masks. While it's apparent that many of the protesters are calm and peaceful, police officers still aimed to use excessive force.

Pictured created via Mace video below
An incident has been recorded of women being maced by an officer (reported as "Officer Bologna") that was walking by. Other videos followed with officers dragging, and pinning down various protesters. A couple of people were being searched unlawfully (without their consent) for unknown reasons. A woman (unknown) was initiating legal representation via National Laywers Guild for another incident.

The Top Agenda and Organization

The protesters' top agenda is to draw attention to the corruption by corporations in America. Not only are they protesting over America's debt situation, but health care and the way the government feeds into corporation greed (demonstrated by top picture above). Protesters frequently have meetings, training, and discuss other topics covering the current events.

Petition for Recognition
Following shortly after protesting, a public petition at the White House website was created. This Petition is to recognize the men and women who are protesting against Wall Street.

Mr.Obama, this is a petition for you to publicly recognize, whether in a live speech, or in one of your weekly youtube addresses, the #occupywallstreet movement that is currently taking place in NYC.

On the evening of September 24, 2011, many people in the live stream channel collaborated on calling various media organisations and encouraging them to report on Occupy Wall St.. Apparently successful, ABC News, MSNBC, and NBC New York followed up with reports. The articles are now appearing to be updated since the the 24th.

Here are some of the videos.


Unlawful searches.

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