Saturday, October 1, 2011

(With Audio) Innocent People Being Arrested at Brooklyn Bridge in New York

Confirmed below that people were allowed & trapped

People are being innocently arrested at Brooklyn Bridge for apparently no reason. The almost 20,000 people that tuned in, seen the unnecessary arrests made by police.

The protest or "march" on the bridge was peaceful and actions by police some called unacceptable. One officer, appeared to be arresting a young female.

The crowd of protesters stood back cheered on their fellow protesters, chanting "Hey hey, ho ho. Corporate greed has got to go."

People are reporting that they trapped. 350 according to the stream, and 75 700 confirmed arrested. Media team may have also been arrested.

Update 7:21PM: I've been able to re-watch the pre-recorded version and the camera operator said that they are in-fact trapping them in.

I've also captured the pictures of what looks like a young girl that was being arrested. Before this, she was talking on a phone I believe. (I should note her age is not yet confirmed, she only appears to be underage)

As-well as another angle of the bridge & arrest.

From what I'm hearing, they are loading people onto buses.

(Thanks, Bruce Wagner for originally alerting me)

Updated 10:50PM:
Here's the full video without signal drops, and an edit that has been posted to YouTube. One by one these people are taken from the crowd and put under arrest. Including the young girl being arrested. At 8 minutes in, a man struggles to not go with the police officers, and is yanked even harder finally being broke away from the crowd - He appears to get slammed to the ground afterwards.

The crowd also relays messages to each other by saying and repeating "mic check" to make sure they hear each other. Afterward saying "If you get arrested, tell us your name"

October 2, 2011


From the YouTube description (Read below for audio transcript)
An arrested member provides an audio account of what happened on the brooklyn bridge, october 1st, 2011 with the protestors of occupywallst and the NYPD. NOTE NYPD leading the march onto the bridge, without any words of warning or attempts to derail the march. Normally, you are not allowed to step off the sidewalk without a reprimand and warning.
I would like to add, Almost all cops encountered in blue shirts were very nice people, just having to do their jobs. We respect them and their families, as we respect all. We want you to understand, we are doing this for all of you as well.

Chris is the person's name speaking in this video. Here is a short text version.
[..] This was one of the bigger marches of the week - The evening march of Saturday. We were walking the Brooklyn Bridge. The cops were walking along, and allowing people onto the bridge. There were people that were on the pedestrian pathway. [..] Very quickly the cars were stopped by police, and the lane suddenly opened up. Which caused us to start running to close the gaps. and then there was about 200-300 police that either stopped the rest of the protest, or followed up the back of, and they were marching in a line of the back of the Brooklyn Bridge so we had no exit. At the front the same thing was happening. 

via: Occupy Together

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