Sunday, October 2, 2011

New York Times continue to Lie about Brooklyn Bridge Arrests

Yesterday 700 people were arrested for what appeared to be "protesting." The Occupy Wall St. movement was performing a normal day's agenda of going through various parts of the city while others went other places.

Upon their upcoming walk was the Brooklyn Bridge, and it appeared that many of people felt OK to take the Brooklyn-bound road, because reportedly, no one received any warnings to go any where else.

I've found two videos, including a step by step video of what took place, according to Occupy Wall St.. This video will demonstrate that there appeared to be no confusion, and police unraveling the orange net, as-well as marching behind the protesters preparing to arrest them all. Some walked away, however police did not seem to care.

The New York Times will show you the video of the police arresting and going in-circles with protesters, but what they will not show you is the full clip that demonstrated peace among the protesters. Some struggled, but were finally broke away from the crowd.

Here, also a video of a Navy Vet that was arrested gives his story of being on the Brooklyn Bridge.

Update October 5, 2011, 4:28: Another video that I've come across.

Now back to the normal article.

In the description of the above video, you will see: 

NY Times reporter arrested on the scene with the protestors initially reported police allowed them to enter the Brooklyn Bridge, then blocked them in and arrested them. The NY Times changed their story to match the official police version 20 minutes later, saying the protestors entered the bridge despite repeated warnings not to enter the bridge.
Credit: ?

"In a tense showdown [...]"

Still, this is what the New York Times is reporting, even after countless videos of people explaining what took place. Who is lying? The mass count of people? I'm interested to find out, but from what I'm seeing, the New York Times is lying and attempting to promote violence through misinterpretation, and mal-information.

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